Rhodolia Root Extract


Serves as a natural brain booster for mental performance, attention and memory
All natural, non-GMO, Made in the USA in a FDA approved GMP facility
90 Capsules | Dietary Supplement

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  • All natural fast acting adaptogen boosts energy when you need it the most, fights fatigue
  • Improves stamina, strength and exercise performance so you can work out harder and longer
  • Regulates cortisol levels to efficiently manage stress to calm you in nerve-racking situations


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Why RhodIola Root Extract
is for you

Your body is a vibrant organic machine when healthy, but it works best at peak efficiency when protected and cushioned against undue physical and emotional stress. Naturelle Health’s Rhodiola Root Extract distills and enhances the beneficial properties of this amazing herbal root, allowing it to be fully infused throughout the tissues of your body, soothing your taut nervous system and freeing your natural energy and vitality to flow unhindered through you, all while protecting and defending your cells from the ravages of time and oxidation. Stress relief, heightened mental acuity, and increased health and wellness await!


Rhodolia Root Extract

vs The Competition

Even the most skeptical physicians universally recognize the inherent medicinal value of certain precious natural compounds drawn from the varied flora of our wonderful planet. Some medicinal compounds are so beneficial in their purest natural form that they cannot be improved upon, and can only be extracted and appreciated for their simple purity and power. Naturelle Health recognizes this golden rule and takes it to heart, which should explain why our Rhodiola Root Extract is strictly formulated for purity.

Like all of our products, the ingredients are all-natural. Nature’s wisdom is preserved in everything we make. We don’t manufacture our products, we carefully craft them to be safe and effective and we take pride in everything we create. Naturelle Health’s Rhodiola Root Extract was crafted to feed the natural needs of your body and boost your health. It’s our pleasure to share it with you.

Naturelle Health’s Rhodiola Root Extract harnesses the power of natural herbal ingredients to stimulate your body’s nervous system and immune system, calming the internal stresses within your body and recharging the natural energy reservoir of your biological energy flow, all while defending your system from free radicals and oxidation. We know you’ll appreciate the new-found calmness and energy you experience from this pure, nourishing herbal supplement. It will keep you calm and level, your mind sharp and clear, focused and on point. Use daily to stimulate nervous system health and maintain even blood sugar levels. And if you have questions or problems with the supplement, please do not hesitate to reach out. We want to hear from you, the customer!

Here at Naturelle Health, we are constantly working on developing new and improved products. We know how important your health is, and we strive to give you the safest and most effective health and beauty supplements.


Proudly made with

Natural ingredients


Rhodila rosea (also known as arctic root or golden root) is an herb native to the arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and Alaska and has been used medicinally in Iceland, Sweden, France, Russia, and Greece for centuries. Its root contains more than 140 active ingredients, the two most potent of which are rosavin and salidroside. Rhodiola root aids in adaptation to physical, chemical, and environmental stresses and is used for increasing energy, endurance, strength, and mental capacity. ROSAVIN AND SALIDROSIDE - Rosavin is a cinnamyl alcohol glycoside and Salidroside (rhodioloside) is a glucoside of tyrosol: both are found naturally in the plant Rhodiola rosea. These bioactive compounds are responsible for the antidepressant and anxiolytic actions of Rhodiola root, offering protection against oxidative stress and positively supporting the nervous system by protecting nerves, promoting nerve repair, regulating neurotransmitter release in the nervous system, and preventing premature cell death. Other benefits include protecting neurons from damaging toxins and stabilizing cell function, as well as rejuvenating bone cell development.

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RhodoliA Root Extract


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