Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth


Vitalize stimulates hair follicle growth.

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  • Pisum Sativum (Pea) Sprout Extract – proven to stimulate hair follicle growth
  • Biotin – part of the Vitamin B Complex which promotes the production of keratin
  • D-Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) – able to penetrate the hair shaft to deliver moisture


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Why Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth 
is for you

There’s more to beautiful hair than color and length -- lovely lustrous locks need to be nourished and fed at the root, so their health and vibrancy can shine through. Naturelle Health’s Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth is your secret weapon in the battle against thin, lifeless hair. Our special formulation of natural ingredients targets the source of limp dryness and feeds what you need, adding precious vitamins to your hungry hair so it can flower forth with full force!


Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth

vs The Competition

For generations our parents and grandparents have known the truth: that the natural way is the best way. But in today’s fast-paced world, too often the wisdom of our natural past gets lost in a race to the corporate bottom line. Ways have changed, including how ingredients are chosen and sourced. But Naturelle Health hasn’t changed. That means Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth is special. Like all of our products, the ingredients are all-natural, 100% organic, and 100% FDA approved. Nature’s wisdom is preserved in everything we make. We don’t manufacture our products, we carefully craft them to be safe and effective and we take pride in everything we create. Naturelle Health’s Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth was crafted by our artisans for you, to feed the natural beauty of your hair and make it shine. It’s our pleasure to share it with you!

Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth

Naturelle Health’s Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth harnesses the power of natural, vitamin-rich ingredients to fortify your hair from root to tip, nourishing and moisturizing each follicle to improve flexibility and body. We know you’ll be pleased with the results of our carefully-selected combination of hair-replenishing vitamins and minerals -- they'll keep your hair follicles well-hydrated, supple, and healthy with a luxurious look and feel. Use nightly to stimulate growth for thicker, more lustrous locks. And if you have questions or problems with the supplement, please do not hesitate to reach out. We want to hear from you, the customer!

Here at Naturelle Health, we are constantly working on developing new and improved products. We know how important your health is, and we strive to give you the safest and most effective health and beauty supplements. 

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Natural ingredients



Pisum sativum is an herbaceous annual widely grown for its seedpod. Known since early times, they have been harvested in the Mediterranean basin since the dawn of agriculture. Their legumes are high in fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folate and vitamin C, vitamin K, and minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and lutein). They also have the ability to scavenge free radicals and chelate metals to inhibit linoleic acid oxidation.



Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, otherwise known as Scullcap, is soothing, astringent, and packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients. Studies show that the flavanoid Baicalin in this herb inhibits androgenetic alopecia. It stimulates the roots causing circulation to improve overall scalp health for thicker hair growth.


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that’s a part of the vitamin B family, also known as vitamin H. Your body uses  biotin to help convert certain nutrients into energy by metabolizing fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids. It also plays an important role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Biotin improves your body's keratin infrastructure (keratin is the protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails).


D-Panthenol is a nutrient from the B vitamin family that helps your body's cells manage the negative results of oxidative stress. Pantothenic acid (also known as vitamin B5) helps your body manage healthy levels of fibroblasts, which aids in boosting collagen and elastin production. D-Panthenol is also a humectant whose properties increase elasticity to boost moisture content, making strands thicker and healthier.

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Vitalize Hair Follicle Growth


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