The human body runs on glucose. However, to run properly, it must maintain certain levels. When we eat sugar, our glucose level rises. Our body then releases insulin to counteract the sugar spike. Can you take supplements to lower blood sugar? You can.

As your body attempts to balance our blood sugar levels, you may notice the yo-yo effect. Faster heartbeat, highly motivated and energetic, followed by lethargic and slower movements, sleepiness and fatigue. This happens when our blood sugar is off, usually from ingesting too much sugar.

This article will explain where the sugar actually comes from, how we handle it and how supplements can help. We will cover what supplements help, which supplements are natural, and which ones are the best.

Where Does Sugar Come From?

Our diet contains more sugar than our bodies need. Glucose can be found in candy, sodas, teas, bread, and pasta. Our bodies naturally break down the foods we eat and convert most of it to glucose. Adding heavy glucose foods causes out pancreas to produce more insulin to balance everything out.

In the long run, this can cause serious health issues. Blood sugar levels at a constant high or low can lead to diabetes, strokes, or heart attacks. To help balance our bodies and prevent diseases and health risks, there are several things we can do.

Knowing where sugar comes from is an important step. Basically, every food has glucose in it, some more than others. Sugary foods and drinks contain very high levels that will end up giving us that high feeling before the insulin kicks in and we experience the crash.

Natural Methods to Lower Blood Sugar

You can lower your blood sugar naturally by ingesting less sugar from the onset. Since every aspect of our body relies on glucose to run, we need it in our diet. However, we don’t need so much that it sends out glucose levels into overdrive.

Everything from our cells, to our organs and brain — even our skin — needs glucose. To function, our body properly produces glucose as an energy source. It keeps our blood pumping, our mind functioning, and our body repairing itself.

Eating lower glycemic foods is a good start. While we do require high-glycemic foods, we don’t need them constantly. Starches, such as pasta, potatoes, and other foods like bread and candy or cookies, are all high-glycemic. When our bodies break these foods down, the glucose levels are very high.

Likewise, lower glycemic foods like fruits, vegetables, and proteins will still break down to glucose — just not at such high levels. Combining the two types gives us a good balance. However, more often we tend to place too much high-glycemic food and not enough low-glycemic food into our diet.

Exercise will also help naturally lower blood sugar. Exercise causes our bodies to burn energy and release glucose. This burn and release lowers the blood sugar level, which will need to be replenished.

Likewise, if you don’t get enough sleep, the insulin will not be as effective at balancing out your blood sugar. You will also be awake to eat more, which will only add more glucose to your systems.

Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar

You can find supplements to lower blood sugar naturally. These supplements come in many varieties from many different sources. Vitamins and minerals, for example, are a great way to help lower blood sugar levels.

In particular, Vitamin D3 may be the best method of naturally lowering blood sugar. Vitamin D3 is absorbed directly from the sun. We, on average, get 95 percent of the total Vitamin D from the sun. However, this is counteracted by Vitamin D4, which also comes from the sun.

If we are in the sun too long unprotected, the D4 will actually fight off the D3. To get the most D3 from the sun, you should be unprotected and in direct sunlight for ten to 15 minutes per day. After 15 minutes, you need to cover up or apply sunscreen that blocks the UV rays.

If you can’t be in the sun, for instance during winter or rainy seasons, you can supplement your diet with D3 pills or capsules. Taking a vitamin supplement is an easy way to ingest and absorb the vitamin D3 that our bodies need.

Minerals also help fight high blood sugar levels. Chromium and magnesium are the two best candidates for insulin sensitivity and glucose absorption. Magnesium helps our bodies create chemical reactions that boost metabolism, brain function, cellular repair, and glucose leveling.

You can find these minerals in fish and proteins, but if you aren’t eating enough of those, you can also supplement with pills. Natural supplements are fast, easy, and well-absorbed by the body. This will result in better insulin sensitivity and lowering glucose more effectively.

When it comes to supplements to lower blood sugar, Dr. Oz of TV fame recommends fat-dissolving foods such as eggs, blueberries, and removing excess carbohydrates from your diet.

The Best Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar

What we consider the best depends a lot on our diets, exercise regime, and sleep patterns. No two people will be exactly alike and as such, everyone will need slightly different supplements that will work best for them.

There are the basics that work for everyone to some degree, which we have already covered.Vitamins and minerals should be a part of your regular diet, specifically vitamin D3 and chromium and magnesium.

Other supplements that work well also include things like cinnamon, ginseng, and banaba leaf.

Cinnamon is a natural antioxidant that works by increasing insulin sensitivity and slowing the digestion of food in our stomachs down. This increases the absorption of glucose from the foods we do eat, which should be low-glycemic, allowing us to get as much as possible without going overboard.

Ginseng should be taken with a meal to improve the absorption of glucose better after the meal is finished. Likewise, banaba leaf aids in glucose absorption on a cellular level by acting as a carrier through the bloodstream to the cells.

Natural Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar

With natural supplements, insulin sensitivity increases. This allows our bodies to produce and use less insulin to counteract the glucose levels. In turn, the process helps prevent the sugar highs and sugar crashes many of us experience.

Natural supplements to lower blood sugar should be used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and proper sleep. When everything is in the balance, you will feel healthier, function better, and reduce the risk of serious diseases and disabilities such as diabetes or heart attacks.

If you already have diabetes, proper glucose monitoring and ingestion is imperative. You should always consult a doctor before changing your diet, adding supplements, or starting a new exercise routine.

No amount of diet and supplements will replace our body’s natural insulin production and glucose absorption. Self-monitoring is important and should be done under the direct supervision of a trained medical professional.

In Conclusion

Lowering your blood sugar levels is important to maintain balance in our bodies. Glucose is used in every aspect of our bodies — from brain function to cellular regeneration. The energy supplied from glucose affects every part of our body.

Too much glucose, however, will raise our blood sugar levels and cause us to experience a sugar high. The pancreas will produce insulin to counteract the glucose levels and give us the sugar crash.

Along with a proper diet/exercise and sufficient sleep, supplements will help keep the blood sugar levels low. You should always speak with a doctor before making any drastic changes to your schedule, diet, or routine.

When adding supplements to lower blood sugar levels, natural supplements are the most effective. Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D3, chromium, and magnesium are essential for our glucose levels.

You should aid your system by limiting the number of high-glycemic foods you ingest and raise the number of low-glycemic foods. Starches, pasta, breads, and sugary snacks should be limited, while fish, proteins, and fruits and vegetables should be raised.

With the proper diet, supplements, and sleep, your blood sugar levels will remain more constant and you will feel better more often.

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